Joshua Schultz

Joshua Schultz holds a Master of Architecture from the University of Pennsylvania School of Design and a Master of Science in Architecture from Thomas Jefferson University. His academic journey has been enriched by the opportunity to receive several awards from the University of Pennsylvania, such as the Schenk-Woodman Architectural Competition Award and the Van Alen Traveling Fellowship.

Demonstrating a commitment to innovation in architecture, Josh’s research delves into building materials and sustainability techniques. This important work has been recognized and published by both the University of Pennsylvania School of Design and the International Journal of Sustainable Building Technology and Urban Development.

With a career spanning 7 years, Josh has been instrumental in a variety of projects. His expertise ranges from designing intimate single and multi-family structures to working on large-scale civic structures, showcasing his versatility and architectural acumen.

Recently, Josh managed a groundbreaking multi-family project in Pasadena, set to become Southern California’s first net-zero, for-sale affordable housing. This project stands out for allocating nearly 50% of its units as income-restricted, reflecting Josh’s commitment to sustainable and accessible housing.

Apart from his professional endeavors, Josh is deeply involved in his community as a member of Pasadena Heritage. This non-profit historic preservation organization is a testament to his dedication to the protection and preservation of Pasadena’s rich historical resources.

Josh is a Registered Architect in the State of New York.

Josh Schultz Headshot