Betty Bazar

This Community Center & Preschool caters specifically to the children living in the adjacent Project Homekey - The Woodlands

Location: Woodland Hills, CA
Architect: Kadre Architects
Client: Hope the Mission
Builder:  Chait & Company
MEP Engineer: Alfatech
Civil Engineer: Barbara Hall & Associates, PE
Structural Engineer: Nous Engineering

Adjacent to our project, The Woodlands, where 100 families reside, this 4,500 sq. ft diner is presently undergoing construction. It is set to be converted into a community center and preschool, catering specifically to the children residing in The Woodlands.  The interior spaces, including meeting rooms and preschool classrooms, are designed to be bright and naturally lit, featuring skylights and spacious doors that seamlessly connect indoor and outdoor areas. Between the hotel and the community center, the grounds are envisioned as a pedestrian oasis, intentionally excluding cars to provide ample play space for children.

Alongside this transformation, we’re introducing a new screen structure that wraps around the building presenting a new face to the city and to the neighborhood asserting itself as a bold boulevard building.