Ace Cuevas Kadre Architects

Ace Cuevas

Project Designer

Ace Cuevas is a native Angeleno, fluent in Spanish with 12 years of experience in the field of architecture. Ace joins our team after 5 years at Stantec where she worked on two major destination projects in New York and Orlando as well as infrastructure projects for LADWP and Kaiser. Having graduated in 2010, during a major recession, gave her the opportunity to apply her skills in marketing and graphic design. Ace also has experience in custom residential design and multifamily housing towers. Ace prides herself as a problem solver with a strong background in BIM.

Ashle Fauvre Kadre

Ashle Fauvre


Founder – Ashle Fauvre Architecture Inc

Ashle is a licensed architect in the state of California where she has practiced for over a decade. With a background in contemporary art history and social practice, Ashle is driven by design opportunities that bring phenomenal and impressive experiences of place into everyday life.

Her work has been awarded and published by the AIA, LA Business Council, LA Times, New York Times, Dwell magazine, JA, and others.

Ashle is an exhibiting artist with design collectives including Bitter Party, the Metabolic Studio, the Queer Spa Network, and Movable Parts. She is a 2023 grantee of the LA Contemporary Exhibitions for the project Community Care in Times of Drought with QSN. She is active civically as a member of SPA, a citizen advocacy group promoting therapeutic hygiene services for the unhoused populations of Skid Row.

Prior to joining Kadre Architects, she led project management for a spectrum of residential project types at Lehrer Architects, and a variety of civic project types at Johnson Favaro. She has also contributed to the residential work of Atelier BowWow in Tokyo and the making of participatory urban places with Gehl Architects in Copenhagen. She has studied art and architecture in Mexico extensively.

Ashle received her BA from UC Berkeley and her M.Arch from the University of Washington, where she was awarded a research fellowship to study post-tsunami disaster recovery in the wake of the 2011 Tohoku Earthquake.

Alicia Amos

Alicia Amos

Alicia Amos is a fifth-generation native California with a passion for design that serves the public realm and promotes equity in the built environment. While working for the Los Angeles-based non-profit LA Mas, she gained experience developing community projects aimed to support low-income neighborhoods.

Alicia has expertise in emergency housing projects and is intimately familiar with the specific code and state requirements for temporary shelters, having successfully implemented designs for Magnolia Safe Parking in San Diego County. As an integral member of the Emergency Housing Plan program team, she helped design a range of solutions including safe parking, sleeping cabins, tiny homes, RV parking, and safe camping.

Alicia holds a BA from UCLA where she graduated Summa Cum Laude and an M.Arch from Yale School of Architecture.

Kiem Ho

Kiem Ho is founder of OFKA, an Architecture and Interiors studio based in downtown Los Angeles. 

He is a licensed Architect in California and is LEED Accredited. His experience working at both top Architecture and Interior Design firms has allowed him to approach design projects from inside out and outside in. He specializes in both residential (multi-family) and commercial design (hospitality and interiors). His commercial work incorporates an emphasis on user experience and custom elements, while his residential work revolves around incorporating natural elements, passive strategies, and integrating landscaping, views, and natural lighting. Kiem is from Atlanta where he received his Bachelors at Georgia Tech. After practicing at large firms, he moved to Los Angeles to pursue his Masters of Architecture from SCI-ARC and has been working at various design firms until he created his practice in 2018.

Jay Joshi

Jay has deep knowledge, skills and experience in the areas of strategy development, financial analysis, valuations and transaction management.

As such, he plays a critical role as managing partner in Kadre’s development arm, KADRE Group. Working together with Nerin, they successfully developed half a dozen properties  in Southern California and continue to look for investment opportunities. 

Jay has a Masters degree from the University of California, Los Angeles and a Bachelors degree in Engineering from the University of Pune. Jay worked with clients in sectors as diverse as high-tech, financial services, government, health care, and media & entertainment. He led clients to realize value through the development of new product and service initiatives, and the alignment of operations to support these initiatives. His work includes the definition of a new diagnostic product for a bio-medical device manufacturer with revenues in excess of $300M, delivery of a $250M vendor realignment strategy for a pharmaceuticals company, and the fair market valuation and TCO estimation of an operational division with a $50M+ asset base for a government entity.

Jay’s skills and experience spanning small businesses and large corporations, strategy and operations, and business environments in the US and India position him uniquely to deliver advice to that enables executives to realize their goals.

Jacqueline Chan


With nearly 20 years of project control experience, Jackie has cost estimated a variety of project types, including residential, higher education, government, laboratories, K-12 schools, hospitality, hospitals, and industrial facilities with budgets ranging from less than $1 million to more than $200 million.

She assists Clients in project risk management through early feasibility cost studies, GMP buyout, negotiation change order review, value engineering and construction claims estimating. The intent is to capture, analyze and present data in a readily understandable way allowing the client to respond to any challenge quickly and with complete confidence of having real-time information.

Her primary passion is in real estate investment and development.

Kevin Wronske


Kevin Wronske is founder of Oak Architecture. He is a licensed architect and general contractor in the state of California. Prior to founding Oak, he was co-founder of Heyday. He has built over forty homes in Los Angeles, the majority of which are rated LEED Gold. He has been featured in publications ranging from the NY Times to Monocle. He was named Young Architectural Talent by the AIA and has been received AIA Merit awards. Kevin obtained his B Arch. from SCI-Arc and his graduate degree from Harvard University’s Graduate School of Design.

Nerin Kadribegovic


Nerin’s Kadribegovic’s passion for navigating complex design problems, especially where economy is of paramount importance, captures an eye for beauty and design, notably in social cause, that results in unconventional, award-winning solutions. Obsessed with artfully directing natural light to create nuanced, playful moments, he ushers a spirit of dignity into places, where least expected, through the aesthetic design opportunity.

A third-generation architect who endured displacement as a refugee of the wars in Yugoslavia and Bosnia, Nerin has directly experienced the impact of chaotic social and environmental disruption on people and society. This alert awareness evokes deep empathic connection to critical issues facing metropolitan urban centers around the world; those gripped by environmental or socio-economic crises.

The wartime reality imposed a fragility on life and shelter, that ignited his resolve in dissolving obstacles. Protecting a broken community, Nerin developed the uncanny ability to transform whatever material was at one’s disposal into something of functionality, beauty and meaning. Instilling hope and safety during hardship has become second nature, embedded into his mindset, both in design and leadership for social cause.