Amanda Stjärnström

Throughout her career, Amanda has oscillated between custom interiors and urban planning, shaping her holistic approach to architecture. No design question too small nor too large. This mindset paired with the experience of working on complex projects across continents, often displaying substantial environmental and social sustainability components, has honed Amanda’s skill to implement design strategies that bridge typologies and disciplines.

Having an inherent interest in culture and history, Amanda appreciates and understands a myriad of architectural styles, drawing on them to reimagine existing spaces and create unique design concepts. With one foot in Los Angeles and the other in her native Sweden, Amanda brings additional perspectives on preservation and longevity for our built environment alongside new collaborative technologies to achieve successful projects.

Amanda holds a dual Master of Architecture from Lund University, Sweden and Southern California Institute of Architecture. Prior to joining Kadre Architects, she spent several years in custom residential and hospitality architecture in Los Angeles before setting off for Gothenburg to work for award-winning architecture office Wingårdhs. Amanda has also participated in the Chalmers University of Technology mentorship program and has been a reoccurring jury member for the architecture program at University of Colorado Denver.