Jada Hillman

Jada is a Portland Oregon native, passionate about music, travel, coffee, social justice, and sustainability.  Graduating with an associate degree and a 4.0 from Portland community college, she received focus awards in both Global Studies and Environmental Sustainability. 


For Jada, assisting Nerin and his team comes with a special responsibility, as Kadre’s work lies at the intersection of important humanitarian initiatives and sustainability efforts, which are actively implemented in our own community.  Her refined skills in organization and communication, combined with her work ethic and tenacity for solving problems makes her the perfect candidate to assist Nerin in such a fast-paced role.


In 2019, Jada backpacked for 6 months in Southeast Asia, an experience which further ignited her passion for travel, sustainability, and the importance of environmental leadership and human connection.  This journey remains one of the most influential in informing the framework of her artistic inspirations and core values in life.  Since relocating to LA, Jada has discovered an abundance of opportunities for growth in both her creative and professional career and looks forward to growing further into her role with Kadre Architects.

Jada OG image