Jay Joshi

Jay has deep knowledge, skills and experience in the areas of strategy development, financial analysis, valuations and transaction management.

As such, he plays a critical role as managing partner in Kadre’s development arm, KADRE Group. Working together with Nerin, they successfully developed half a dozen properties  in Southern California and continue to look for investment opportunities.

Jay has a Masters degree from the University of California, Los Angeles and a Bachelors degree in Engineering from the University of Pune. Jay worked with clients in sectors as diverse as high-tech, financial services, government, health care, and media & entertainment. He led clients to realize value through the development of new product and service initiatives, and the alignment of operations to support these initiatives. His work includes the definition of a new diagnostic product for a bio-medical device manufacturer with revenues in excess of $300M, delivery of a $250M vendor realignment strategy for a pharmaceuticals company, and the fair market valuation and TCO estimation of an operational division with a $50M+ asset base for a government entity.

Jay’s skills and experience spanning small businesses and large corporations, strategy and operations, and business environments in the US and India position him uniquely to deliver advice to that enables executives to realize their goals.